Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Sessions - [The Whiteacre Family}

These two cuties get the award for the easiest kiddos to photograph - ever! They were so sweet and did everything that I asked and then some. Thank you guys again for hanging out with me last week!! I hope you love your preview!!

Here is  sneak peek:

Fall Sessions - {The Terry Family}

I was so happy that the Terry Family contacted me to ask me to take a few photos of them as a family. I am lucky enough to call a member of this family my very best friend.  Thank you guys for hanging out with me for a little while. I hope you love your preview!

Here is  sneak peak: 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Weddings - {Kyler & Marla}

The week had been filled with rain. Yucky, ugly rain that reminded everyone who lives here that winter was right around the corner. But on this day, thier day, the sun came out and shone like it hadn't shown in weeks. 

And it made perfect sense. Because these two people weren't like most people I have ever met.  From the moment we first spoke, I immediately understood that these two had a love for each other that many people search for their entire lives. They found it, and celebrated it. And it was my honor and privilege to capture the day they made it official.

Thank you Kyler and Marla for taking a chance on me.  This was only my second wedding ever in photography. I was excited at the challenge and petrified all at once - so I brought along the fabulous Sarah Clark to assist me so that I could learn from a pro.  All in all - I am very pleased with the end results of their wedding photography - but even more pleased that I got to meet these two and share in their day. 

Here is a sneak peek of their day:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Sessions - {The Hercules Family}

These little guys are some of my favorite little faces on the planet. Their parents are very close friends of ours and I am always so humbled that they ask me to photograph their kiddos to capture how adorable they are at this point their lives. This session was extra special, because we got to do it on their grandparent's farm! There was lots of fun old farm equipement to keep us occupied and of course that fall color we all love so much. Thank you Amy for being such a great friend and for having such adorable kids to photograph :) Here is sneak peek:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Session - {Sarah & Lily}

Sarah asked me recently to capture some images of her and her ADORABLE little girl Lily. Like most moms I know, Sarah is generally behind the camera, and she wanted to let Lily know that Mommy was around when she looks at these photos of herself years from now.  I was flattered and petrified all at once for this - because Sarah just isn't another mom friend - she's a photographer herself! To have another photographer ask you to photograph their child is an amazing compliment and I just hope that I did it justice for her :) If you get a chance, check out her photography page on Facebook and let her know how awesome she is :) Here is a little preview of our session:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 Seniors - {Jimmy}

This Senior has known my last Senior previewed (Mallory) since they were little kids. I think it is awesome that they are still friends after all of this time and that they got to share in their Senior Potrait Session together.  They were a lot of fun and having Mallory around definately helped get some smiles out of Jimmy :). Here is a little preview our session:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Seniors - {Mallory}

I was so excited when this Senior's mom approached me for this Session. I have only photographed a few other Seniors so far and they were so much fun! Mallory is a JMHS 2011 Senior - which made it even more awesome because that is the alma mater of yours truly :) She was so easy to work with because this girl is GORGEOUS. Here is a sneak peek for the family: