Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation, Vacation!

So we’re back from Florida. We had an amazing time! It rained, literally, every.single.day we were down there, but we were able to still do a lot have a lot of fun despite the rain. We loved our resort, and the girls had a lot of fun playing in the pools and playing mini-golf. We also got to go to Disney for two days and Universal Studios for a day and had a blast at both. Ava LOVED the Magic Kingdom, and we can’t wait to take her back (hopefully it’s a little drier next time). We got to go to the beach and visit with my dad. I miss him, as he lives in central Florida and we don’t get to visit with each other that much. I think he had a good time with the girls though and we had a lot of fun with him!

My Ella Bella Boo got her 2nd tooth when we were down there. Amazingly she wasn’t too terrible fussy with it. Its her top front tooth on the left side. Ava was sweet as sugar most of the time we were down there, despite the boo boo that she got chasing birds at Disney World. She talked about the boo boo all week and I am sure she will be talking about it for weeks to come! Ha ha

I think that is it for us for us for now. I leave you with a few pictures. If you are on Facebook, I posted an entire album there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Hey everyone! I am SO sorry that I have been behind in catching up here. I think everyone understands between life with a baby and toddler, you tend to be a bit scatterbrained and the unfortunate result is that my blog has been neglected. Hopefully many of you have been keeping up with us on Facebook. I do try and get up-to-date pictures on there. It's not that great for a real update though - so I fully intend to keep this updated from now on :) Keep in my mind I wrote "intend" for a reason! ha ha

So what's up in our world.....

Miss Ava is 3 1/2 going on 13. She is sassy and hysterical all at the same time. You never, and I mean NEVER know what is going to come out of her mouth next. She doesn't miss a thing and has a real desire to educate herself. We've heard from countless friends, families, and strangers how smart she is, and we tend to agree. She is ours, after all :) She will be starting a new school soon. Her former school is unfortunately closing its doors (makes me SO sad) so we are starting her at Easter Seals here in Wheeling. She will be in daycare over the summer, and then will begin the Universal Pre-K Program through Ohio County Schools in the fall. My baby is growing up. I can't even believe it....

Miss Ella (or Ella Bella Boo as we call her) turned 11 months old on Monday. To say that I am in denial is an understatement. I refuse to accept that my little baby is almost 1. But of course, no amount of my denial will stop the inevetable and my littlest monkey will turn 1 on June 12th. She has had so many milestones recently: she took her first steps a few weeks ago within days of getting her first tooth (bottom left). She still prefers the crawl to walking (and why wouldn't she - she is FAST!) and she is totally a climber. Climbs on anything and everything. She should be getting another tooth any day now (top left). She claps now when she's excited and has the cutest little wave when you tell her "hi" or "bye". She can say mama, dada, and "hi". She's the sweetest little thing and we can't remember life without her!

As for what else is going on - Phil and I staying busy with work and general summer maintenance around the house. We recently got a Jacuzzi hot tub, and are working on getting the lanscaping done around it. I will definately post pictures here when the project is all done.

We are leaving for vacation TOMORROW!!! We are heading to Florida and are visiting Summer Bay Resort. We desperately need the vacation and are looking forward to visiting the beach and disney, etc. Ava is PSYCHED about it and has been counting down the days since January. We have a 1 BR condo, and it looks SUPER nice on the website, so let's hope its the same in person! Oh - and keep your fingers crossed the kids sleep ok while we are gone :)

That's enough to catch you up for now. Thanks for sticking with us and come back soon. I will me posting more