Monday, February 15, 2010

Hillbilly Hot Tub

Pretty regularly my lovely 20 month old makes a complete mess out of herself while eating. I feel as a parent its a good thing to let her get messy as it helps her learn on her own how to eat properly. As a mama with OCD, however, it takes every last ounce of willpower I have not to just feed her myself! ha ha. Recently we discovered that it was easier on some occasions just to give her a bath in the sink. So here is my little Ella enjoying her hillbilly hot tub! This is definately one for her future wedding slideshow - doncha think? :)

Yesterday was, of course, Valentine's Day. We had a great day planned and it started with going out to pick up a heart shapped pizza from our fave place DeFelice. Ava LOVED it and wanted her picture with the heart pizza :) After we ate, Phil & Ella got in a Valentine's Day nap and Ava and I cleaned up and then went over to our friends house to let the girls play with their friend Leah. Leah was born on the same day (actually only about 30 minutes apart in the same hospital and same doctor!). I just love her parents too and they were sweet and offered up a little Valentine's Day get together. The girls played and the mommies and daddy's ate and had a few drinks :)

Here a cute pic of Ava and Leah together. I still think its the coolest darn thing to be friends with someone who was born just minutes before you!

Ava also worked very hard on her valentine's for her class at school and they are all ready to go for thier belated Valentine's Day party. The party was supposed to be on Friday but due to the snow - it was postponed to Wed. of this week. Let's hope we have school this week!!!
I think that is it for us today :) Have a great day and try to stay warm!! :)

The Zimmerman Family Blog

So, I did some updates to the blog and decided to eliminate the automatic notifications for the blog since I have been updating it more and didn't want to overwhelm everyone's inbox with updates from the blog. So if you are interested (and are on blogger) please add us to the blogs you follow :) If not - that's ok too. But this will be my new home for writing on the happenings of the Zimmerman fam from now on (well, until something better comes along).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Valentine's Day!!!

My husband is awesome. He knows it and I know it. He surprised me completely today by sending me this amazing bouquet of flowers from ProFlowers.
They are a gorgeous hybrid of red and white roses. I can't believe how spoiled I am!!!
Honey - I love you so much and totally don't deserve you!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day!!!!

To say the past few days have been stressful would be an understatement. Like many of you, we were victims of the Great Blizzard of 2010. That's my name for it anyway. Creative, no? Anyhoo - we lost power around midnight on Friday, and as of today, still no power and no definitive answer from AEP as to when it might be turned back on. Scary stuff because our heat is all electric! Thankfully, I have wonderful in laws that are letting us crash their pad until power and heat is restored at the Zimmerman abode. We measured it Saturday morning and we had a whopping 25 inches of snow on the ground!!! I have never seen so much snow in our neck of the woods at one time. This whole sitch has had me seriously contemplating flying south permanently...too bad Phil won't ever leave. Boo on him! :)

As usual, I took many pictures to share of the madness (and some cute ones of the girlies too!!

The view from our front door:

Our SUV under the snow:

The trip off the hill was a little rough, so say the least:

And here are a few of the kiddos playing in all of this snow!

Daddy and Ralphie, er, Ella:


That's all for now :) Keep your fingers crossed power comes on tonight and that the insurance adjusters don't have to make a trip to our house due to any wayward trees!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well all, I don't really know what to say! I am so sorry for neglecting this blog - hopefully, someday, I will find the energy and time needed to be a successful blogger. And by successful I mean managing to keep up with it at least once a month! ha ha

So what's up in our lives? We are all doing pretty well. Ava is in heart of her first year of pre-school. She is learning so much! She is always impressing us and making us laugh. She told us a few weeks ago (after showing her a new shirt for summer I bought her with a whale on it) that her favorite whale was an Orca. What 4 year old knows what an Orca is?! She also recently was able to name the planets. She likes Mars the best, because its red and there are aliens on it - LOL!!! She's growing up so much now too and is about 42 inches tall and 43 pounds. She loves all things Tinkerbell and Princesses and just pink in general. She also loves Barbies and told me recently she wants her 5th birthday party to be Barbies...but she'll change her mind a hundred times between now and then so I am holding off on the Barbie napkins for now :)

Ella is just hysterical. Her speech has exploded in the past few weeks and she has a lot of knew phrases "I did it" "Tadaaaa!" and "Oh no, what happened?" are my favorites. She knows way more words than she can say now and will do a lot of things i ask her too (for the most part). She's about 27 pounds now and I am not sure how tall she is....guess I need to measure her! She's in 18-24 month clothes pretty solidly now...I can't believe she'll be in a 2T before too long. WHERE did my little baby go???

As for Phil & I - we are doing well. Just staying busy and working at being the best parents we can be. I took a job teaching night classes 3 days a week at West Virginia Business College. It's a pretty neat experience and makes me think i would have made a pretty decent teacher. I may even consider pursuing this as a career...who knows? The schedule would be much nicer, for sure! ha ha

I think that's about it. I need to get some pics up here of the kiddos soon :)